How to Fix Common Router Problems

Many problems in the home and small business networks are caused by router malfunctions. These malfunctions could happen either due to the incorrect router configuration or router errors. Below we consider several most frequent problems which users have to solve when configuring their networks and ways to solve them.

Problem: no internet connection on a device with a wireless connection to the network.

If possible connect to the network using a wired connection. If you can reach the internet on the wired connection but it is unavailable on the wireless connection it means that the problem is with how your device connects to the wireless network and not with the internet connection. Check if you are connecting to the correct wireless network and if your credentials for the wireless network are correct.

Problem: internet connection is slow when connected with wireless network.

Check how connection performance change when you move to different places in your house/office. If it improves when you get closer to the router and slows when you move to your desired location it means that either the distance is too great and you need to move closer to the router or there is an obstacle which degrades the signal. Also, it is possible that multiple routers could be conflicting with each other. In this case, you can try setting different wireless connection frequencies in the router administration console to see if it helps to mitigate the problem.

Problem: no connection to the internet when the device is connected to the router via a wired connection.

Look at the back of the router and make sure that the light on the router corresponding to a cable going to your device is blinking. If it is not lit or lit constantly there could be a problem with a cable or that specific port to which the cable is connected. You can try changing a cable or switching to a different port on the router.